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Topic: What's the best way to vet biz?
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What's the best way to vet biz?
on: August 12, 2012, 10:15

Hi there,

I’m new here, (new to all of this really) and I am having problems with the ‘dream 50 assignment.’ The truth is since I am so new, I have no idea how to ‘vet’ businesses to figure out who I want on my Dream 50. I know how to find them, (thanks to you,) but I don’t know what kind of biz I’m looking for.

How do I know who would be a good prospect for me? Is there some way you can tell? (i know you mentioned service based biz. what other criteria are there?

James Byers
Posts: 3
Re: What's the best way to vet biz?
on: August 14, 2012, 16:39


I hope, later on, you will get a better answer from a person more qualified than I.

In the mean time, I will offer my take on it….peer-to-peer.

Costas mentioned service oriented businesses, and listed some for examples.

You will have to decide which ones you will take on….believe me, no one should make that

choice for you.

It's all part of starting your own business…..taking ownership of your decisions.

For me, I would like to take on the lawyers and dentists right out of the gate.

But I think I will cut my teeth on someone less intimidating… the fence installer,

fireplace, property management,…maybe even roofers or house siding installers.

Then, with my confidence, and experience, I will approach lawyers later on.

They will always be around and lots of them.

So, you just need to use what Costas showed you,

how to look each up on Yelp or Google Places within a city.

I looked at a few of those niches in some large cities, in Yelp, and it's like fish in a barrel.

I don't need Costas' distress locator tool right yet.

Whether it will take 1 shot, or 2, or 3 to get each of those fish,

only your efforts and time will tell.

Hope that helps.


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