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45 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Goal for Matthew – Thats me.
    1 new client a month until December. That is 8 more this year. Oh… clients that I approve and am happy to work with I might add. I don’t have time for the vampires.
    What does that mean to me? oh… my favorite word. FREEDOM!



    I expect to have 5 to 10 clients at 1K+ per/monthly with 3 additional new clients added per year.

    I will be working my way out of the Public Entitlement FORCED Ghetto I have multiple disABILITIES but the drive and the self-starting motivation to succeed. With this program I feel I can full Achieve these goals. Further, my mother is my live-in caregiver has been for the 16 years after I was struck by a drunk driver and put into a wheelchair for life. She has but one wish in her life that is to get to go to Hawaii once before she loses her sight completely which is about 2 years from now so I will be working toward that goal as well. Finally, I need a WheelChair Van with as Lift so I can work on my own and my Mother 76 yrs old doesn’t have to pick up and take out of the car my 55lbs steel wheelchair this will also give me total freedom! These are my goals I intend to achieve in the next 12 months.

    Thanx for the opportunity to comment.

    Wayne Hogan


    Roger Due Reply:

    @Wayne Hogan, You sure have an incentive and I know that you can succeed here. Stay focused on what Costas is teaching and don’t get side tracked like I did. Looking forward to hearing of your successes!
    – Roger Due


  3. Hey Costas,

    Thanks for the warm welcome my friend…

    I’ve picked up a few or your products and been
    staying up dated with your emails over the last several months…

    I look forward to using this program to add another 5-6 clients a month
    to my Client List… I will be using this supplement offer to my clients to
    make an additional 5k+ in the Reputation Mngt “Pain” field>LOL>

    thanks Again Costas..

    Jason Sims
    Mastermind Web Marketing


  4. HI Costas! This is such a great supplemental course to the original E-Class Rep Mgmt. course I took from you!
    My goal before the end of the year is to have 25 clients–good clients. Ones that don’t gripe and ones that are easy to work with!;) Would like to eventually have the Dream 50 and have 50 clients total for my offline biz.
    Would like to be making 6 figures annually! Thanks for all these awesome tools! I am excited to implement! They are exactly what I was needing!! You are always on top of things!!


  5. My goal is to have 10 new good-paying clients by the end of 2012 where each client is paying a monthly retainer. My initial objective is to add at least one new client per month and more as I demonstrate successes.

    I have already built a WordPress site, a mobile site, & Google Places for a client that is paying a small monthly retainer.

    I am going to admit a major challenge that I have had. I have many decades of experience successfully developing software in the high-tech sector. In the last few years when I decided to focus on the Internet and figure out what made sense for me, the amount of things to learn and apply has often seemed overwhelming. It took me quite awhile to realize that I should focus on helping local businesses. But what was the right fit for me? I have explored many options.

    I took the Reputation E-Class from Costas and then got side tracked. I enjoy learning and there are plenty of things to learn in this business, but the learning has to be put into practice to generate revenue! So now I am back here with Costas and intend to stay focused as I use his approach to finding “Desperate Business Owners” who need my expertise.

    I really appreciate the enthusiasm that Costas brings to everything he does. Even more importantly, I appreciate how he is mapping out a proven path for our success and sticking with us!


  6. I am retired from a regular job but need to supplement my retirement income in a major way. I have only one client. He is in Tampa, FL, and I have recently moved to Tennessee.

    I must bring in an additional $5,000 per month for 2012. I want to do much better than that going forward. I would expect to have a minimum of 10 clients by the end of 2012.

    One of my biggest problems is working on too many businesses and not mastering anything. I work from early in the morning into the evening. So the number of hours I work is not a problem. I must focus on one area (reputation management) and make it work.

    By 2013, my goal is to be making $20,000 per month and rely heavily on outsourcing. I want to master Google Places and video marketing as add-ons to my reputation management business.

    I know that to be successful, I must work outside my comfort zone. If I work only in my comfort zone, that type of work will be easy for anyone to do, making it very competitive to get new clients.

    My commitment is to focus on reputation management using Costas’s training. I will implement his training and make it work for me.


  7. My Goal is to have 25 clients to work with on an ongoing basis, in the next 90 days I plan to increase this after 6 months with the help of Outsourcing.

    The reputation management course will enable me to not only get new clients by helping them with eliminating their negative comments about each of their business’s but by getting my foot in the door and thereby creating an opportunity to help them with other aspects of their business.


  8. Hi Costas and fellow super heroes,

    Great to be here.

    I am currently participating in a program with Steve Rosenbaum, and one of the things he said right at the start has completely changed the way I look at and set goals.

    Thought I’d share it here.

    The reason most people fail to achieve their goals is because we usually set them based on things we have no direct control over.

    For example, setting a goal to have 10 new clients in 2 months sets us up to fail, because we are relying on other people to become clients. Because we have no control over what other people do, there’s every chance we aren’t going to get what we want.

    But if we set goals based on activity instead of results, as long as we complete the activities, we have a much better chance of achieving the goal.

    For example, say our goal is to have those same 10 clients within 2 months. If we use activity (which we CAN control) instead of new clients (which we CAN’T control) to define a successful goal achieved, we can determine how much activity we need to create to produce those new clients.

    If our strategy is to use some variation of the direct mail/postcard/video sequence, and we expect 1 person in 10 to pick up the phone and call us at some time during that sequence, and then half of those people to become a client, we can calculate a good starting point for how many people we need to contact (activity) to achieve that goal.

    So using these numbers (I think I have the maths right), to get those 10 clients in 2 months we need:

    Letters/postcard/videos sent: 200 (25 per week or 5 per day)

    Phone appointments: 20

    New clients: 10

    These numbers may be optimistic, but I have had great success at closing clients once I get in front of them, so 1 in 2 is possible. Especially if we go after business owners who are “bleeding” and needing help fast.

    If you change the numbers, you change the results. Even if you are only half as effective, you still only have to send out 400.

    That’s 50 a week.

    That would require some management, but your first client will pay for a part time assistant to do most of this for you, and then you are free to do other things.

    And the best part is, if you get to Friday on week 2 and you haven’t sent out enough messages, you know you have to get moving so you reach your goal.

    Hope this helps, it certainly helped me a lot.




    Roger Due Reply:

    @Rocky Tapscott,
    Thanks for reminding me. I have heard this from multiple sources, including Steve Rosenbaum. A few days ago I amended my strategy to include sending out an average of 5 reputation letters per day or 35 letters per week. Since starting on May 21, I have now sent out 38 letters to local dentists that obviously need help. I will obviously modify this up/down as I see how well it is working.
    – Thanks, Roger


    Matthew Reply:

    @Roger Due, Please share with us all what your response has been from the dentists? How is the letters working?


  9. Greetings all,

    Getting a delayed start here as I joined and then went on a long scheduled vacation for a week.

    But I read through everyone’s comments and have adjusted my goals a bit because of it:

    1) Four new paying clients bringing in a monthly income of over $1,000 by the end of June.

    2) Two hours a day, five days a week of activity working on this course. I want to develop the habit of focused activity in two hour blocks. If I work over that in a day that is great but each day needs two hours of work on what Costas has given us here.

    Modest, simple goals to start with. But once I have the taste of this success I will update them.

    I do have an advantage in getting started as based on Costas’ earlier offerings I have one client who is my test subject. Not paying me much, $200 a month (pays for my LBL Robot account and other IM expenses) but also no worries as far as what I do for them. I also see myself as a client as I use the internet to sell my services (not IM related) and make a five figure income with that. I can use the skills developed, websites, SEO, testimonials, video creation and my one paying client as evidence for others.

    Oh, one other goal. To check in on our forum regularly and help out if anyone has questions. This is important for us all to share what we learn. There is really no competition in what we do here. Even if we wanted to all go after Memphis dentists there will always be someone struggling on the second or third page who needs help.

    Okay, that’s it. Looking forward to working with everyone. Excited to help other businesses with their online presence and to bring in more customers. And I love Costas’ energy and enthusiasm!


  10. Glad to ber here Costa, I was on the webinar associated with Charles Harper. I gotta tell you – this webinar was incredible. I am just eager to get going. Of course I work a job so I must take advantage of all my time outside of work. Keeping the balance is key. Well I look forward to working with your system. See ya at the top.


  11. Just got in 2day…just beautiful!



    @ALEXSY DOMINGUEZ, Ned Exactly Me too Same Goal,
    Would like to acquire at least 12 to 15 clients paying me at least $1,000 to $3,000 per month to be their marketing consultant.


  12. Hi Guys! Glad to now be a member of LR super Hero!

    My goal is to get 10 new clients by the end of the year. My short term goal is $10k per month.

    My ultimate goal is $100k per month.

    Then I will set a new goal :)



  13. Hi Costas
    I am recently retired due to my post-polio. I am needing to supplement my income in a major way.

    I have been dabbling online for the last 2 years and had success with several clients but with the the way Google keeps changing what it thinks is important to the people that use Google search, it has been very frustrating

    I started doing citations and video marketing with Traffic Geyser and Main Street Marketing and helped several businesses expand their reach and bring customers in the door through the video marketing. Then google changed the weight it gave to video and I have struggled trying to find a business model that makes sense

    Spent hours and $$$ chasing down shiny objects until I found Reputation. This makes $en$e to me and I know many business owners need it and will buy it without a lot of selling

    I sold my 1st rep marketing client last week and are going to ramp up the direct mail process immediately

    Many people overlook direct mail but it is extremely effective when you have the right message – When we started with Traffic Geyser it took only 30 letters to land 2- 5 figure clients and they are still with me today

    My goals are going to be activity based because I can control activity, I can not control the number of people that will say yes to my proposal. Once I have tested and templated the prospecting activities, they will be implemented by my VA team while I focus on sales.

    Fulfillment will also be outsourced as this is the mistake I made when I first got started. GOt a couple of clients and then stressed each day about completing the work I promised each month and delivering results. BIG MISTAKE – never stop marketing – experts can be hired to do fulfillment

    This time around I intend to be the Rainmaker Only.

    With this in mind, starting today, I will spend a minimum of 2 hours per day marketing and will source and mail to 10 business owners each day that have a bad reputation.

    The approach will include multi-touch, phone, email and direct mail

    I of course have monetary goals but I can only control what I do each day and then refine those activities according to the results I get.

    I will also produce a book in the next 3 months, that will highlight Reputation Marketing and include interviews with some of my clients

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and your desire to help others!




    @Wesley Hazlitt, Hey Wes, I’m new here & your note inspired me. How has business been doing the past 90 days?



  14. Hi Everyone,

    I just joined today and is going through the course.

    I see some of you joined almost a year ago…. and wonder if any one have any success and get clients already.

    If you do get clients, hope you don’t mind sharing your tips and tricks…. much appreciated,

    Ken Sar


  15. Its amazing how when I first started making $2 or $3k a month seemed like an impossible feat! Heck 10K is not really that hard (Especially Gross) I do not bring this up to boast my ego but because your perception of reality will reflect in your actions when dealing with prospective clients! So if you are new and $2,000 month seems impossible to obtain I promise you one thing; if you don’t change your mindset it will be impossible to obtain because we become what we think!

    Never show a client how badly you need their business because they need you more than you need them and your attitude should reflect that this is no big deal cause their competitor will revel in their misfortune! Keep that in mind and follow the steps laid out in this course and you will land your first client!


  16. 1 new client per week, $30,000 per month worth of clients in the first year that are getting results and happy to work with me.


  17. Hello, My name is Eric Martinson.

    I will provide enough value to my clients to earn $10k per month recurring and I will exit my day job within 90 days from May 10th.

    great to be here!


  18. I should have given a time frame – 5 months to $20,000 would be 4 new clients a month x 5 = $20,000 (plus the current month of $4,000) so maybe my goal should be 4 months to $20k.


  19. Hi Costas.
    I believe you are an kinesthetic personality, really caring for people, and have taken some NLP courses (using the word “anchor” to reflect motivation). Is this an accurate?

    I want to make $5K per month. At least 20 clients within the next 90 days. 5 within the next 30 days.

    PS. I am an NLP practitioner , if you are aware of this system, perhaps we can work on how I can blend this business and my NLP practice- not so much about the mindset connection but all about my business cards and website branding…. Thanks!


  20. I am just starting my offline consulting business. I want a million dollar business, which would consist of 60-80 clients.


  21. My goal is to have 4 clients by the end of June because I have no choice. I’m literally 30 days away before I’m kicked out of my apartment (my own fault for not being focused and not taking action). 4 clients at a minimum of $500/month to keep me in, and I will crush it soon after.


  22. Thanks to Costas Peppas, Kevin Wilke and Mike Cooch, my online marketing mentors, I now have the proper mindset, formula and tools necessary for success. The only missing ingredient now is my own personal massive daily action that will propel me forward to achieve my goals.

    My #1 goal is to get 1 new client per week for the first 4 weeks to see how the workflow unfolds and how I can personally manage these new customers for online SEO and Reputation Management. Only then will I know how much time this takes.

    I will outsource most, if not all of the work, and focus on prospecting new clients. I will then have a team of project managers who each handle a set number of clients. My long term goal is to have a $500,000 per year business within the next 18 months!


  23. Hi Costas,

    Greetings from Greece! I am honored and grateful to be part of this family. The course and the material are excellent. As far my expectations are concerned, the sky is the limit.

    Look forward to learning and interacting more in this community.

    Best regards


  24. 2 per month at a minimum of $1,000 each till the rnd of the year Hire more reps at year end and have 4 per month in 2014

    I want my wife to retire way before me


  25. Hi guys
    I am still waiting to hear about the Master Mind group that you were taking about. I have asked this question already could someone please let me know why I don’t have access to the group? Thank you


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